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*Womxns March Jan. 21* *Rally in Support of Airport Workers Jan. 24*

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Sunday, January 22, 2017
Rev. Lauren Cannon, preaching
Rev. Rich Gamble, off

Music Leader: Elliot Kraber
Accompaniment: Yigit Kolat

Theme: Discipleship
Scripture: Matthew 4:12-23
Greeter: OPEN
Reader: Dan
Usher: Betty
Communion: Barb & Lauren
Coffee Hour Host: Barb &  John, w/January Birthday Cake, Part II
Children's Ministry: Anita

REV. RICH (STILL) ON VACATION:  From January 9-24, Rev. Rich and Kate will be taking a well-earned vacation in southern Spain, and as such, will not be with us on Sunday January 15 or Sunday January 22.

IN CASE YOU MISSED THEM: We have been blessed recently to hear from a couple of our Keystone members, as they each shared a Moment of Ministry with us during service.
Connie Voget offered a Moment of Ministry in worship on December 18Read Connie's Moment of Ministry here.
Iris Chavez, JLP Intern, offered a Moment of Ministry in worship on January 15. Read Iris' Moment of Ministry here.

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Greeter: OPEN
Reader: Rita
Usher: Elvina
Coffee Hour Host: Margaret
Children's Ministry: Anita

** Look for additional line up members in the next KWN edition **

Families:  Pick up Children's Activity pages & crayons on the welcome table every week as you come in to worship (based on the scripture of the day.)  There are two types: younger children & older children.  Children of any age are always part of worship & welcome

Childcare with Anita, open every Sunday 10:00am- 12pm. More info at
Upcoming Events:

Friday, Jan. 20 - Know your Rights Training
@ McCaw Hall at Seattle Center, 321 Mercer St.

Friday, Jan. 20 - Sabbath of Dreams
@ Temple de Hirsch Sinai, 1511 E. Pike St.

Saturday, Jan. 21 - March in Solidarity w/Keystone folks at Washington DC Women's March
Contact Barb Anderson to coordinate:
@ Judkins Park; marching to Seattle Center
Rally at 10am; March begins at 11am

Saturday, Jan. 21 - Kids & Race: Changing the Narrative
@ Central Lutheran Church, 1710 11th Ave.

Tuesday, Jan. 24 - Standing with SeaTac Workers Rally
@ 18291 International Boulevard (grassy area across the street from the Red Lion Hotel near Sea-Tac Airport).
12 noon

Friday, Jan. 27 - Immigration 101 Session
@ Everett Community Center

Friday, Feb. 3 – Wallingford Meaningful Movies - DREAM ON
@ Keystone UCC (Battson Hall)
Doors Open at 6:30pm; Movie Starts at 7pm

Saturday, Feb. 4 –  Sacred Heart Shelter
Cooking and Serving Dinner
food and servers at Keystone by 5pm;
leave by 5:15pm

Saturday, Feb. 4 –  Seattle Labor Chorus 20th Anniversary Concert
@ Keystone UCC
Doors open at 6:30pm; show starts at 7pm

Thursday, Feb. 9 –  Interfaith Advocacy Day (IFAD) w/Faith Action Network
@ State Capitol, Olympia

** See below for details on these and other events related to life in our community **

JOIN KEYSTONE as we take it to the streets in solidarity with the Womxn's Marches happening all over the country, on Saturday, Jan. 21, starting at 10am at Judkins Park, 2150 S Norman St, Seattle.

Here is the day's agenda:
10:00am Start time
10:30am – Rally/speakers begin
11:00am – Groups begin marching
End Location: Seattle Center, 400 Broad St
Route Length: 3.6 miles
Tireless Barbara Anderson will be leading the charge for our Keystone troupe. She will be at the church at 9:30amthat morning and has room for 2 additional passengers (but please check with her for her latest availability at  John will drop everyone off at 20th and Jackson and we will walk 5 blocks to Dearborn (no hills) and to the park.  We will be meeting at the Northwest corner of the park with Plymouth and Eagle Harbor UCC churches, as well as other faith communities. Barbara will be bringing the Keystone banner to the march, so look for it there in the Northwest corner of the park, or call her cell phone to find us (206-819-4968)

In related news ...
Plymouth offers comfort station and meeting place for Jan 21 Women's March

For those participating in the Womxn's March, Plymouth Church UCC (1217 Sixth Ave) will be open from 9am to 4pm for those who need parking in the Plymouth garage or restrooms, and coffee, tea and water will be available. Gather, connect and unite in spirit and solidarity.
Know Your Rights Trainings  
Immigration 101 Workshop

Our JLP Intern Iris has been at work supporting these trainings on behalf of Keystone, and invites us to plug in. Contact Iris for more information:
Our immigrant community faces a lot of uncertainty these days. One step various organizations are taking is inform community members of their basic constitutional rights regardless of immigration status through “Know Your Rights” trainings. Colectiva Legal is working with the City of Seattle to host an all-day immigration clinic on January 20, the day of inauguration. Details:

Seattle United for Immigrant and Refugee Families
Date: Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Time: 12 – 8pm
Location: McCaw Hall at Seattle Center, 321 Mercer Street
For more information go to

AN INVITATION TO VOLUNTEER: To volunteer and for more information call the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs at (206) 386-9090 or click HERE.

ALSO ...
The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) is offering Immigration 101 sessions, which are informational sessions open to anyone in the community who wants to know more about immigration law and policies. The next one will be held in Everett. Details:
Date: Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
Time: 9am – 12:30pm
Location: Everett Community College, Walt Price Student Fitness Center, 2206 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201
Go to to register for Immigration 101

Sabbath of Dreams
Jan. 20 @ Temple de Hirsch Sinai
Join Pastor Lauren's family to attend an Interfaith Service at Temple de Hirsch Sinai, Seattle: Sabbath of Dreams, January 20 @ 6:00 - 7:00pm.

On a day in which we mark the stable transition of power, we gather for an interfaith service to remember the vision and values of three faith leaders whose birth and deaths are also recalled in this season:  Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Mahatma Gandhi. Their devotion to the possibilities of what humanity could attain provide potent guidance and inspiration in these uncertain times.

Coupled with our weekly celebration of the Sabbath, a time for needed reflection and renewal, we hope to enter this new phase in our nation’s history committed to the highest ideals, concerted in our pursuit of the right and the good, and dedicated to realizing the best within our nation and ourselves.

Kids & Race: Changing the Narrative
Jan. 21 @ Central Lutheran Church

Featuring Pastor Darla DeFrance of Columbia City Church of Hope  and early childhood educators Sharon Chang and Jason Frelot of The Well, Queen Anne Methodist Church & STCC, on how narratives and counter-narratives shape our children's racial identity development. Includes childcare with racial justice program for young kids. Tickets at

Join Keystone to Stand Faithfully with Workers
Jan. 24 @ SeaTac

Pastor Lauren and JLP intern Iris seek Keystone folks to come join them in a noontime faith action, Tuesday, Jan. 24in SeaTac.  They will show workers their support, as they risk to voice the injustices they have experienced working at the SeaTac airport in food service concessions.  Join many faith leaders as they stand behind Marta, whom we have come to know, as she has shared her brave story standing up to her managers.



Keystone has been walking with airport workers for four and half years, and we have claimed big wins.  SeaTac's $15 minimum wage has rippled around the country. So why would Marta only get $10/hour? The Port Commission could run an airport where all workers get dignity and respect.

Workers invite us to rally at Noon, for 15 minutes, outside SeaTac; then walk to the 1pm Port Commission Meeting. They're hoping for a big showing that we stand with those most-vulnerable immigrant workers in airport food service.


At the Port Commission meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 24, Port staff will present their plan for the future of airport dining and retail, affecting over a thousand jobs. Meanwhile, the immigrant women of color in foodservice at SeaTac are coming forward with stories of harassment and abuse at work, and many still claim they have still not received the tens of thousands of dollars in back-pay and benefits that they believe they are owed under the SeaTac living wage law. On January 24, people of faith will help tell the Port Commissioners that no company that underpays and mistreats its workers should get a new contract at OUR airport.

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 24
Time: 12pm
Location: Rally at noon, 18291 International Boulevard (grassy area across the street from the Red Lion Hotel near Sea-Tac Airport).
Port Commission meeting at 1pm: After a short rally, we will all walk together to the Port Commission meeting inside the airport (Airport Conference Center).

Christening Conversation

Families with children, adults interested in baptism, friends ~ new or old to Keystone UCC ~ come for a supper time discussion about this ritual in our faith. At Keystone we share in two sacraments: Communion and Baptism. It is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God. Baptism with water and the Holy Spirit is the sign and seal of our common discipleship. Through baptism a person is joined with the body of Christ, as one who is already beloved by God. In this act, our community pledges to support and share the call to be God's people always. Some circumstances invite Adults to seek re-baptism as a renewal of the spirit.

Start to learn more here:
And come break bread as we talk about the sacred ritual at Keystone; bring all your questions.  Childcare provided.  Email your interest to Pastor Lauren- we are picking a weekday early evening that works best for most.
Our own Elliot Kraber stars as Valjean in...

Presented by Viva Vocalists - January 25 - 29
Woodland Park Presbyterian Church
225 North 70th Street

Viva Vocalists is a local class dedicated to working with people of all ages and skill levels, and makes fresh casting decisions that celebrate and add diversity of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity to shows.

*A $20 ticket buys General Admission
*A $30 ticket gets your name in our program and admission
*A $50 ticket gets your choice of adding a prop or making a cameo in the show, your name in the program, and admission

Your ticket purchase benefits the Viva Vocalist Scholarship fund.

Performance Dates:
Wednesday, Jan. 25th @ 7:30pm
Thursday, Jan. 26th @ 73:0pm
Friday, Jan. 27th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, Jan. 28th @ 7:30pm
Sunday, Jan. 29th @ 5:00pm

Purchase your tickets at

Also, like us on Facebook!


As an Advocating Congregation, we send a team from Keystone UCC each year, for this fun & connecting field work, as a labor of our love! Iris, our JLP intern, will be our team leader as we come alongside our partners at Faith Action Network and bring to our elected leaders our voices of compassion and justice. We partner for the common good with people of all faiths—and with people of no faith at all—who stand up boldly to challenge the powerful.

For more information and to register, visit
You can reach Iris by texting or calling (509) 990-5668 or by email at
“Finding the Wisdom we Need”
As part of our Pacific Northwest region, our United Church of Christ Conference invites all those of us identifying as men to this wonderful opportunity to retreat together at our beautiful UCC camp:
From Rev. Rick Russell, retired, member of the planning team, and member of Prospect Congregational UCC on Capitol Hill:
This is a reminder to sign up for the Conference Men's Retreat at Pilgrim Firs which is being held on February 3-5, 2017 (With a day of Silence opportunity on February 2).
The Program theme is "Finding the Wisdom We Need" with Program Leader, Rev. Mike Denton. Here are some words Mike uses to describe the theme:
There is a difference between being an elder and being older. Everyone can get older but an elder is chosen by a community to share the stories, wisdom, faith, love and hope that has been shared with them for the sake of the community. Past systems of eldership were dismantled by self-perpetuating systems based on privilege as opposed to the needs of the community. They were dismantled by systems of power that were threatened by the foresight and hindsight of wisdom. This retreat will be a discussion about how we might choose the elders we need and be open to being the elders our communities need.
The retreat is an opportunity to engage with other men in meaningful discussion, worship and song, and reflection on life’s transitions. The schedule allows for sharing as well as solitude.
To register, go to and click on Events in the banner. Then scroll down to the Men's Retreat.

(139 minutes; Roger Weisberg, 2015)
Friday, Feb. 3; Doors open at 6:30pm; Movie starts at 7:00pm

@ Keystone UCC (downstairs in Battson Hall)

Is the American Dream alive or dead? Political comedian John Fugelsang hits the road to find out in Dream On. This epic road trip retraces the journey of Alexis de Tocqueville, whose study of our young country in 1831 came to define the U.S. as a place where anyone, of any background, could climb the ladder of economic opportunity. Fugelsang asks whether the optimistic spirit of the American Dream is alive and well in the twenty-first century, or whether George Carlin was right when he famously quipped, “It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” As countless Americans struggle with diminished prospects for the future, our core beliefs about the value of work, the inevitability of progress, the fairness of the system, and the US’s standing in the world are being shaken. After decades of rising income inequality and declining economic mobility, reviving the American Dream has become the defining issue of our time.

Facebook Page:

** All events are Open to the Public. Admission is by Donation **

We help communities organize, educate, advocate & build community around social justice documentary film and conversation.


Pierre Velonjara - 1/1
Lisa Smith - 1/6
Yigit Kolat - 1/9
Janice Hougen - 1/10
Pastor Peg Faulmann - 1/16
Nell Townley - 1/20
James Sabo - 1/23
Anita Featerstone - 1/24
Charlene Chang - 1/26

Here's wishing each of them the happiest of birthdays, from all of us at Keystone UCC!

Keep an eye out here for upcoming Keystone Birthdays!

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Pastor Rich is available Tuesday to Thursday mornings and Friday evenings, and holds additional office times on Saturdays and Sundays.  (Monday is Sabbath.)  Not all of these times will Rich be in the church office. If you want to see him, it is best to make an appointment. Email him at

Pastor Lauren is available Mondays: 9:30am-3:30pm, and mornings: Tuesday-Friday, & Sundays:  9:30am- 12:30pmWednesday evening mid-week classes.  (Saturday is Sabbath). Email Lauren to make an appointment on any of those days at
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