Thursday, October 24, 2019

Hear about our visit to NW Detention Center in Tacoma, Save the Date for Mailing and Movies, and So, So, So Much More!

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Worship Every Sunday – 10:30am
All Are Welcome!

This Sunday, October 27, 2019
Guest preacher Rev. Mike Denton will be preaching on the Gospel of Luke 18: 9-14
Theme: Humility
Worship leaders: Rev. Lauren Cannon and Rev. Yuki Schwartz
(Rev. Rich Gamble on sabbatical)

Music Leader:  Elliot Kraber
Accompaniment: Yigit Kolat
Children's Ministry:  Paisley
Reader: Dan. O
Usher: Amber
Communion:  Yuki, Lauren, Mike, Barb
Steward:  Barb
Coffee Hour: The O'Neills

Families:  *update*  Children start the morning in worship sitting with you for opening hymns & taking in the voices of our community @ announcements.  Once the scripture is read, children head with teacher Anita down to classroom during the sermon time, for a craft, Bible story, & creative play time.  All ages together. 

Anita will usher children back up to sanctuary @ Communion- & they sit with you for closing hymn!

*Also find the basket of Activity pages & books on the welcome table every week!

Children's Ministry with Anita – program every Sunday 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. More info at

Miss a Sermon?  Down at Classroom?  Audio Available Online: Feel free anytime to click on an audio file for a listen HERE, and share! ​ 


Sunday, Nov. 3:  10:30 AM worship
Preaching: Rev. Lauren Cannon
Worship Leader: Rev. Yuki Schwartz
(Rev. Rich Gamble returns from sabbatical on Nov. 5)

Music Leader: Elliot Kraber
Accompaniment: Yigit Kolat
Children's Ministry: Paisley

Reader: Pat
Usher: Margaret
Communion:  Barb, Rita, Lauren, Yuki
Communion Steward: Rita
Coffee Hour: Margaret

The Young'Uns to Perform at Keystone This Saturday!

British folk trio The Young'Uns will perform this Saturday, Oct. 26, at Keystone! The singing group, known for their story-songs that tell the stories of people affected by political and social issues, will perform here in the PNW as part of their North American tour.

The Young'Uns will offer a singing workshop from 1 to 3:15 p.m. Saturday, with the concert at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets for the concert are $20, and the group will take contributions for the workshop (suggested cost for the entire day is $35 -- $15 for the workshop and $20 for the concert). To pay in advance by credit card, go to their Brown Paper Tickets page:

If you can't catch them at Keystone, you can see them in Olympia on Friday, Oct. 25, or Sunday, Oct. 27, in Bellingham.

Thanks very much to our own Janet Stecher for helping to bring this day of music and solidarity into our walls! 

Spreading Peace at the NW Detention Center

Keystone joins Kadima Reconstructionist Community, La Resistencia to support detained migrants, fight US practices of detention & deportation

Keystone was invited to help Spread a Sukkah of Peace to those visiting their loved ones at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma on Sunday afternoon October 20.  One leader of La Resistencia shared with Pastor Lauren how folks detained had found maggots & screws in their food, and this was day
3 of the hunger strike.  Charles, Lauren, Rich V., Leo & Amber helped share loads of Charles' homemade warm sandwiches, as Rabbi David Basior from Kadima Reconstructionist Community led our singing of liturgy crafted from the words of those detained.  With over 100 others we circled the sukkoth built at the detention center to bring attention to the hunger strike.

We are being asked to: study and then act. Study the history of how WA during WWII sent our people of Japanese descent to concentration camps.  How WA has a history of violence against immigrants, tracing to the 1885 Tacoma method of burning the homes of Chinese railroad workers and expelling them from WA territory.  How the NW Detention Center is on land belonging to Puyallup People, and how so many people of faith are now calling on Tacoma City Council to  #ShutDown#NWDC.  We spoke with the Geo company, that is expanding the facility.  They send us up the chain to ICE.  But we don't have to detain people in WA.  We can study:  migrants are here, climate change is part; we cannot treat folks as criminals.  We sang out our commitments to study and support the actions of others for liberation.

Big thank you to our friends at Kadima & to our Keystone team that took action.  And here we now can share with you reading La Resistencia's request that you too might sign the petition & call the Tacoma City Council.

Our Keystone crew included Rich V. & Leo swapping Halloween jokes in the back seat, to make our carpool swift and spirited.  Thank you to Charles for feeding so many folks with warm homemade warmth at the witness. & Thank you to Amber for amplifying the petition & call we can now make.  We are hoping folks reading this might want to sign (now over 1,000 signers) & support La Resistencia's call to close the Detention Center as a chronic public nuisance.

1) Learn & study a little: La Resistencia
2) Sign the petition here
2) Call the Tacoma City Council:  253-591-5470
"My name is___ I'm calling to convey the concerns from hunger strikers, and ask the City of Tacoma to do as they have with other facilities: declare the NWDC a public nuisance- and shut it down.  We cannot detain migrants as criminals!"
Sharing Life Together: community
Joys, Challenges, Prayers, & News

We hold our prayers with Jo Winston who had her second eye surgery on Wednesday October 23.  The first went well, a few weeks earlier.  Sending all love for peaceful time of rest and recovery.

Nell Townley has been able to get back to Northaven, but is relying on 24 hour care from her son Nathan and her daughter Teresa- as next steps get confirmed.  We also are so grateful to our tireless team headed by Margaret and Barb - bringing pastoral care from Keystone!  Nell is searching for a sustainable, right spot to move in for her future needed nursing care.  Or fingers crossed- to be able to stay put in her community at Northaven.  Please send encouragement during this time:  Cards, calls, & visits welcome:
Nell Townley
531 NE 112th St. #503
Seattle, WA 98125
Call the church office if you want Nell's # and email!
October 1- Nov. 5:
Rev. Rich is on sabbatical, including a visit to his mom in Missouri.
From Pastor Yuki: Thanks to everyone who showed up at the University Book Store on Oct. 13 to help me and fellow author Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell promote the book, When Kids Ask Hard Questions: Faith-Filled Responses for Tough Topics. We were proud that what we wrote about cultural appropriation (Yuki) and talking with your kids about disabilities (Mindi) is sharing space with essays covering important topics such as gun violence, divorce, and grief. If you're interested in getting a copy for yourself or as gifts for folks who have young ones in their lives, you can grab copies from the U-BookStore, or buy them from Chalice Press

Save the Date: Nov. 3 Mailing Party after worship! 

Everybody needs a little hope now and then. At Keystone, we've made giving the world a little hope an annual holiday tradition for more than 40 years, and we're doing it again this year. We've still got volunteer roles to fill, from staffing the deli and bakery, helping out with the book sale, and donating, gathering, and sorting through the vintage and upcycled collectibles that will be on sale. Check out the clipboard by the coffee pot near the coffee hour table, or contact Eliza at Watch for announcements about our sorting work supper, coming soon!

And, don't forget the mailing party! Stay after worship on Nov. 3 to help get our fliers ready for the mail. Come help us make this 41st year the best one yet! Be part of the work to create an alternative to the systems that create poverty, and help us keep giving hope to the world. 

Double Feature: Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook, and The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting
(Rigged: 1 hour, 19 minutes; Michael Kasino, 2018; The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting: 16 minutes, Julie Mallozzi, 2018)
Friday, Nov. 1; Doors open at 6:30 p.m.; movie starts at  7 p.m.
@ Keystone UCC (downstairs in Battson Hall)

A double header: Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook makes the case that, aroused by the election of our first black President, conservative political forces have turned with renewed vigor to ways of winnowing the electorate of people of color, the economically stressed, the aged and the young. The suppression playbook is replete with techniques: polling-place ID requirements, voter integrity commissions, wide-scale voter roll purges, difficult voter registration requirements, reduced number of polling places, long wait times in voter queues, deleted guarantees of the Voting Rights Act overturned by the Supreme Court in 2013, and potentially suppression-favorable lower courts that have been, since the 1970’s, seeded with a preponderance of conservative jurists. To add insult to injury, the political effectiveness of those that can and do vote is reduced by gerrymandering. The film documents the multiple, interconnected, and unscrupulous schemes being used to rig voting outcomes to favor policies of special interests of the rich, whites, the power-hungry, and corporations.
The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting – Citizens across America are coming together to change the way we vote. Maine leads the way, fighting entrenched interests to enact a reform that reduces negative campaigning, eliminates the “spoiler effect,” opening races to minority & third-party candidates.  Vote for your favorite candidate AND prevent enabling the election of the worst candidate.
** All events are Open to the Public. Admission is by Donation **
We help communities organize, educate, advocate & build community around social justice documentary film and conversation.

Dismantling racism in our Conference and in our world is a priority that emerged from our last Annual Meeting of the Conference (attended by Barb, Dick, Pat, Amber, Yuki, Lauren, Rich.)  We now can highlight a six-week course that is being offered this fall by our friends at Admiral UCC by Rev. Andrew Conley-Holcom.  Please consider a carpool over for Sunday afternoons- and pass the word!  A brochure and flyer are attached. 

The Idolatry of Whiteness
6 Sundays 1-2:30 p.m., Oct. 13- Nov. 17
Admiral UCC, West Seattle
$20, max. 20 participants

"The greatest trick that the devil ever played was convincing people he didn't exist". Whiteness is real, powerful, and pervasive, yet it can slip through our grasp like smoke. This course explores some of the great modern prophets on white racial identity through the lens of biblical idolatry. We will examine how "whiteness" has been constructed, utilized, and codified in political and economic systems throughout history, mirroring the Exodus 32 story. We will introduce authors who envision new ways to understand ourselves, our history, and the possibility of an anti-racist future, while considering the biblical prophets' warnings on idolatry going unchallenged. Snacks and course readers will be provided.

Sign up at
More questions?  Ask our PNC UCC moderator Wendy Blight
Phone: 425-213-9313 or email:
Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct. 26, The Young'Uns folk trio in concert (and leading a music workshop!)
1-3:15 p.m. workshop; 7:30 p.m. concert,
@Keystone UCC

Sundays, Oct. 13-Nov. 17, The Idolatry of Whiteness anti-racism study
1-2:30 p.m.,
@Admiral UCC, West Seattle

Tuesday, Oct. 29 from 7-9 p.m.:  FAN: Cluster Meeting: North King County – at Journey Christian Church (includes Ballard, North Seattle, Phinney Ridge, and University District)

Friday, Nov. 1: Meaningful Movies double feature
Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook, and The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting
Doors open at 6:30 p.m., movies begin at 7 p.m.
@Keystone, Battson Hall

Nov. 3: Festival of Hope Mailing Party 12-1 p.m., after worship!

Nov. 5: Pastor Rich returns from sabbatical.

Sunday, Nov. 17, 3:00 p.m.: Pastor Jerry's installation @Seattle Taiwanese Christian Church(STCC), UCC
@Keystone UCC
** See below for details on these and other events related to life in our community **


Important Dates: can you add these now to your calendar?

October/ November Notes:
Oct 27- Pacific Northwest Conference UCC Conference Minister Rev. Mike Denton guest  preaching
Nov 3: (note: Daylight Saving Time ends) Rev Lauren preaching
Nove 10: Rev Rich preaching
Nov 17: Rev Rich preaching
Nov 23 & 24: Festival of Hope
Nov. 24: 
Rev Rich preaching

Save these December dates:
Wed. Dec. 4- Social media class with Rev Yuki
Thurs. Dec. 5- Communities Rising (7-9 p.m.; doors open 6:30 p.m.)
Wed. Dec. 11- Holden Prayer
Wed. Dec 18- Holden Prayer
Tues. Dec 24- Christmas Eve worship

Thank you Jo: chancel greens design October 
Thursdays@ Noon: submission deadline for Newsletter announcements: to Lauren & Yuki

Church metal roof installation planning is moving along: likely slated for November!

And Keystone Green Team folks are hard at work, setting up the systems to invite the many good groups and people of our extended community and neighbors to donate to our installation of solar, as our metal roof goes up!  Spread the word- its easy to donate through our online donations-- thank you team & Christian!  
Recruiting Communion Stewards and Liturgists
Have you ever wondered who makes the hearty whole grain bread we break off and share each week in our ritual of Communion?  It is often the Mille Grane baked at Seattle & Wallingford's own Essential Bakery (but found on QFC shelves, etc.).

But we need you!  Come be a Keystone Communion Steward!
Communion Stewards are the wonderful volunteers behind the scenes who pick up a loaf of bread (any any any kind that carries beauty to you is welcome and encouraged! And if you're inspired to bake one, we'll enjoy that, too!)

Communion Steward duties include setting up the communion table, which involves filling the cup and pitcher with grape juice from the church kitchen, bringing the bread and setting it on the table, and adding the gluten free crackers. If you buy bread, you can turn in your receipt to Lauren's mailbox.

Contact about signing on. We're just looking for someone to bring bread on Nov. 3. 
Also talk to Lauren if you want to find out more about the Communion Liturgist role that Rita and Barb serving in.



Barb is gathering our Keystone UCC table for the FAN Dinner.  Talk to Barb by next Sunday October 20!
On Sunday, November 10, 2019, Faith Action Network will host our Annual Dinner at the beautiful Renton Pavilion Event Center as well as a live-streamed event in Spokane at The Glover Mansion. We look forward to celebrating the victories of the past year with you, while gathering together with faith leaders and advocates from across the state to continue to move forward our work for the common good. We will present our annual awards to advocacy leaders and invite your continuing support of our mission.
Please RSVP by November 3 to let us know you will be there! (Early Bird deadline: October 20)

Fun with Children's Ministry:
Sunday October 27- Paisley is leading a neat craft that connects Halloween and "Do Not Fear!"
Sunday November 3- we begin making our tree craft with branches & leaves on the theme of the month "Thankfulness."

Also check out these two new books in the Church School Library!  You can help your child enjoy them from the Basket as you pick up a Worship Bulletin.

 Keystone's Children's Ministries requests your help collecting a few supplies
in prep for manger making later this fall!  Keep your eye out for:
-champagne bottle corks
-wine corks
-altoid metal tins
-sardine metal tins (Costco ones are great, cause the metal edge is rolled under!)

and start a little bag or box, to drop off to Anita anytime in the classroom!  (half way down the stairs
from narthex to Battson Hall= the door to classroom space.)  Thanks y'all!

Rev. Randall Mullens - 10/24

Here's wishing each of them the happiest of birthdays, from all of us at Keystone UCC!  On the last Sunday of the month- we shall have cake at coffee hour!
Please let Barb know additions/ omissions! 
Keep an eye out here for upcoming Keystone Birthdays!

Reaching Keystone UCC Pastoral Staff:

Reach us at your Keystone church office: (206) 632-6021.  This phone is also checked remotely since all staff serve part-time.

Pastor Rich is on sabbatical October 1- November 5.

Pastor Lauren is available Monday-Thursday mornings (and during evening classes) and Sundays. (Sabbath = Friday & Saturdays). Email to make a meeting time:

Pastor Yuki is at church two Sundays a month and is available to meet by appointment (Sabbath = Fridays). Email her at
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