Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bright-Eyed People

At www.ucc.org on the web you will find a lot of good and useful ideas. One story was about a pastor and author who spoke at the national church setting. Here is part of that story:
“The Rev. Paul Nixon spoke with a passionate clarity during his visit to the UCC national offices in downtown Cleveland last week when he said bold vision and unwavering witness require an unmistakable sparkle.
“The bright-eyed people are the ones,” said Nixon, speaking before 75 people in the Church House Meeting Room during The Pilgrim Press’ presentation of The Igniting Leadership Series.
“Their eyes sparkle as you talk about it – whatever ‘it’ happens to be,” said a smiling Nixon. “They have a way of energizing you. When the bright-eyed people outnumber the rest, that’s when your church has turned the corner.”
Citing their ability to connect, nurture and empower, Nixon says they are great apprentices to others – invaluable allies during challenging times. “If you can get even five of these people, good things will happen. Your church will survive.”
Nixon, an ordained Methodist minister and pastor of Foundry Church in Washington, D.C., authored the best-selling book “I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church!” (2006), which was Pilgrim Press’ top seller in 2007. He also wrote “Jesus on the Metro: and Other Surprises Doing Church in a New Day” (2009).
“We’re moving toward new territory, a whole new place,” said Nixon. “And not just mainline churches – everyone. Evangelical, big and small, we’re all scrambling. In this decade, the churches that succeed will be those making active, intentional choices.”
Nixon cites “Six Key Choices” needed for churches to survive: Life Over Death; Community Over Isolation; Fun Over Drudgery; Frontier Over Fortress; Bold Over Mild; Now Over Later. “
On Sunday we celebrated (and completely surprised me) my ten years of ministry here at Keystone. It was a very nice, and very Keystone time, with lots of laughter and some tearful memories as well.

I know what Rev. Nixon is talking about. I see those bright eyes looking back at me on Sunday. We embody those “Six Key Choices.” We have turned some wonderful corner and we are off on the newest adventure in the life of Keystone.

Thank you one and all for your part in this journey.

With Love,


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free Recycling Event

Free Recycling Event in Seattle's University District
Sunday 11:30-3:00

University Christian Church Parking Lot
NE 50th St. & 15th Ave. NE, Seattle
Sunday, August 8th, 11:30am - 3:00pm

The Washington Association of Churches will have trucks available for Free Recycling of many items that are typically hard or expensive to dispose of, as well as environmentally damaging in landfills. All items will be evaluated by 1 Green Planet for re-use and recycling.
Please share this with others who may be interested. You can download a flyer for this event here.

Bring your used:

All Electronics
Computers & Parts
Printers and Faxes
TVs - Any Size!
Appliances - Both Large and Small
Phones, Cell Phones, Chargers
Speakers, MPG Players, Radios, VCRs, Game Systems,

Lamps, Christmas lights, Record Players
Medical Equipment
Even Ink & Toner Cartridges.

All Scrap Metals like:
Bicycles, Tools, Furniture, Exercise Equipment, BBQs,
Lawn Mowers (please empty gas & oil)

If it has a plug - we'll take it!

If it contains metal - we'll take it!
Even Car Batteries & Computer Batteries

If you have questions about what items we will recycle please contact: sakahara@thewac.org call 206-261-7797. There is no charge for dropping off items. Free will, tax deductible donations to support the work of WAC will be accepted but are not required. If you are interested in hosting a similar recycling event in your area please contact sakahara@thewac.org.

Please call on us if you have questions or you want to connect with resources for this or other issues.

Alice Woldt
Washington Association of Churches
206-625-9790 ext 11