Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Take 5 for patient safety, or those serving more than 15 years, or for eviction reform....


Take 5 for Advocacy!
Greeting Keystone family,
As Barb & Stan shared with us on Sunday Feb. 19, here a few very important advocacy items that need to be acted on THIS WEEK!

FIRST: find you legislative district! Go to, you can call the toll free number 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message for ALL of your elected officials (including the Governor). This line is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday - Friday during the legislative session through April, 2019 this year.

NEXT: Please read the attached and respond to your legislators and, in some cases, members of the committees.
1) Tell your legislators to REJECT House Bill 1352, which proposes amendments to RCW 18.64.270.

Sample comment you can use:  "I question the danger sterile compounding presents to patients. Why would you want to pass any rules that diminish patient safety when required as a national standard of practice, especially when NO evidence has been submitted to substantiate that position? I recommend that the PROPOSED amendment to RCW 18.64.270 should be REJECTED in its entirety."

You can use the wording above, or change it up some after you read this HB 1352 draft that Stan wrote.

Please also call or email MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE who are: Annette Cleveland, Chair; Emily Randall, Vice Chair; Steve O'Ban, Barbara Bailey, Randi Becker, Steve Conway, Manka Dhingra, David Frockt, Karen Keiser, Ann Rivers and Kevin Van De Wege.

2) Tell your legislators to SUPPORT Senate Bill 5600, which reforms the eviction process and allows tenants more days to pay late rent.

Sample comment you can use: "Please vote YES on SB5600, which give tenants the time they need to catch up on late rental payment, and will keep them from being evicted and having to start all over again to find and obtain housing. This bill will reduce homelessness, while reducing court costs and attorney’s fees. Limiting termination notices will also protect tenants from housing discrimination and displacement. SB5600 will prevent homelessness, protect renters and keep people in their homes! PLEASE PUSH THIS BILL OUT OF COMMITTEE AND READ THIS INTO RECORD ON THE SENATE FLOOR. Thank you."

3) Tell your legislators to SUPPORT Senate Bill 5819, establishing a post-conviction review board and review process for early release of qualifying offenders.

Read the FAN Issue Fact Sheet HERE

Sample comment you can use: "As a Person of Faith, member of Keystone UCC and of Faith Action Network, I urge you to support the Post-Conviction Review Board Bill (SB5819). This bill would create a post-conviction review process for people who have served more than 15 years in prison.  I believe that no person is beyond redemption and that a prospect of release will bring hope to our prisons and our communities. Please make this important criminal justice bill a high priority!!  I urge your support when it comes to you for a vote!  Thank you for your public service."

** If your senator is Jamie Pedersen or Manka Dhingra, please add:
"Please make sure there are no exclusions made and everyone can participate regardless of crime! Please MOVE THIS BILL OUT OF COMMITTEE AND READ THIS INTO RECORD ON THE SENATE FLOOR.  Thank you."
THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ UP AND MAKE THESE VITAL CALLS AND/OR EMAILS!!  Remember, these action items are in committee THIS WEEK, so please contact your legislators by Wednesday or Thursday.  Anything that does not move out of committee will be DEAD after this Friday.

Again, the toll-free number is 1-800-562-6000. Call any time! You can leave a message for your legislators at this number.

You can also send a comment online at to your legislators, governor and also the committee members.

Thank you again for your time and advocating for the most vulnerable!
FEELING FIRED UP? Here are a couple more ways you can help. Ask your legislators to support these budget asks:

Increase the Aged, Blind and Disabled (ABD) Monthly Cash Grant by adding $61M to the current budget:

Sample comment you can use: "We need $61M to increase the ABD monthly cash grant. Presently, the program provides a modest cash assistance of $197.00/month to low income adults with permanent mental health illnesses or physical disabilities. This ABD cash grant remains at an all-time low. Please work to raise the ABD cash grant to more closely reflect Washington’s rising cost of living."

Funding Housing for All:

Sample comment you can use: "We want funding for more affordable housing - $600M total to build 17,000 more affordable homes in Washington State. $200M of the $600M would support the Housing Trust Fund."
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Take 5 Action here: Green New Deal...


More ways this week to be agents of change

At least 10 years ago, climate scientists calculated how much fossil fuels can be burned before catastrophic climate change occurs. Every year, that the annual target of emissions reduction weren’t met, meant more reductions were needed in the remaining years.

After years of not meeting the reduction targets, large scale reductions are needed NOW.  Only the Green New Deal proposes reduction that are large enough. Having Senators Murray and Cantwell cosign the Green New Deal is saying that large scale solutions are needed and that they will follow the advice of science and not poly science, since they can’t negotiate with the laws of physics to change the safe amount of fossil fuels that can be burned.

Please call or email our senators and urge them to support the Green New Deal:

To e-mail Senator Murray, visit

To email Senator Cantwell, visit

If you have any questions, contact Rich V at


All are welcome THIS THURSDAY at Keystone UCC for a Communities Rising event.

When this system doesn't work well, folks are deprived of the second chances they deserve. Hear from an outstanding panel as they discuss our ineffective criminal justice system. Topics to be discussed include diverting youth convicted as adults back into the juvenile justice system, improving reentry safety nets for those who have served their time and the merits of releasing some elderly incarcerated.

The panel will include:
• Mary Lou Dickerson - former Washington State legislator (36th LD) & leader in juvenile justice reform.
• Brandon O'Brien - formerly incarcerated advocate for ex-offender reintegration services.
• Amber Dickson – a statewide organizer for Faith Action Network, with a focus on criminal justice reform.

Date: Thursday, 7 March
Time: 7 to 9 PM (doors open at 6:30)
Location: Keystone UCC, 5019 Keystone Pl N., in the Wallingford Neighborhood

Please join us for an educational and inspiring evening!

Last Sunday after worship, Danielle Walker, our JLP intern, shared the need for calls and/or emails to our state legislators regarding two bills:

** House Bill 1453/Senate Bill 5600 - Concerning residential tenant protections

Great news, this eviction reform bill is now in the Rules Committee for a second reading!

Please call or send a note to the committee:
Cyrus Habib, Karen Keiser (D), Mark Schoesler (R), Randi Becker (D), Andy Billig (D), Rueven Carlyle (D), Annette Cleveland (D), Bob Hasegawa (D), Curtis King (R), Patty Kuderer (D), Marko Lilas (D), John McCoy (D), Joe Nguyen (D), Jamie Pederson (D), Ann Rivers (R), Tim Sheldon (D) and Shelly Short (R).

Wednesday, March 13 is the next deadline for all bills that are left to move on.

** House Bill 1815/Senate Bill 5497 – Establishing a statewide policy supporting Washington state's economy and immigrants' role in the workplace.

This bill was sent to the Rules 2 committee on Friday, March 1.

Please call or send a note to your state legislator. Here's an example of what you could say:
"As a person of faith, I urge you to move this Keep Washington Working bill out of committee. This bill protects the privacy and civil rights of Washington residents by prohibiting local law enforcement from questioning about immigration status, notifying ICE that a non-citizen is in custody, and from detaining someone for civil immigration enforcement.
The well-being of families throughout our state depends on this important measure. Thank you for your public service."

To reach your legislator, the toll-free number is 1-800-562-6000. Call any time! You can leave a message for your legislators at this number.

You can also send a comment online at to your legislators, governor and also the committee members.

Thank you again for your time and advocating for the most vulnerable!

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