Saturday, May 25, 2019

Come hear Stepping Stones of those publicly Joining Keystone Sunday May 26!

Please find Prayers of the People below-  the Friday edition had a hiccup in the mail out- the text was so light- it couldn't be easily read

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Sunday, May 26, 2019
Sixth Sunday of Easter

May Birthdays- all please come have cake at coffee hour- thank you Barb & John & Arlene!
Pastor Yuki Schwartz, preaching
Rev. Lauren Cannon & Rev. Rich Gamble

In worship, Keystone's Rich Voget will take his turn to share his 'Stepping Stones' that lead him to join Keystone UCC - and then we will share a ceremony of Affirmation with this group Joining!   
Come help Welcome (home!) Pat, Dick, Yuki, and Rich V.!

Sermon Title: You Can Learn A Lot from Lydia
Scripture: Acts 16: 9-15 

Music Leader: Elliot Kraber
Accompaniment: Yigit Kolat

Reader: Jim
Usher: OPEN (for Sandie now to be away.)
Coffee Hour: John & Arlene
Children's Ministry: Anita

NEWSLETTER NOTE:  Our editor Lisa was called away to campaign.  So we regret the bare bones edition here!  Tune back in two weeks, for the quality we enjoy!

MAY OPPORTUNITIES FOR INQUIRERS:  Maybe you have sensed your heart opening to want your discipleship to be more officially part of the Keystone community witness?  Join Pastor Lauren Wednesday evenings in May to discuss joining Keystone UCC. Membership is one of the ways that we formally celebrate and recognize the connections we share!  But the gift, is that we all get inspired as we hear each others stories.  In May worship services, you can offer your "Stepping Stones to Keystone" to share what led you to this community.  Email Lauren at to make a time to meet up on a Wednesday eve (May 8, 15, or 22) to chat before the book study.

Keystone folks can gather at a corner of the Wallingford Farmers Market that returns Wednesday, May 15 (3pm to 7pm) and runs every Wednesday, through late September. Located in Meridian Park at the corner of Meridian Avenue N. and N. 50th Street; across from Keystone UCC, through the Good Shepherd Center and Tilth gardens.

There are a few folks who will share words in worship on May 12, 19 & 26, and we will celebrate new members joining Keystone on May 26 in worship!

BOOKS AVAILABLE: All welcome to drop in for our last night of study, May 29, from 7-8 pm in Battson Hall downstairs.  We look at the last chapters of "The Story Luke Tells; Luke's Unique Witness to the Gospel," by Justo Gonzalez. Copies of his books are available for pick up; see Lauren to get your copy! & more details below.

Families: Pick up Children's Activity pages & crayons on the welcome table every week as you come in to worship.  There are two types: younger children & older children.  Children of any age are always part of worship & welcome! And each week, our kids have crafts, games, bible story, in our:

Children's Ministry with Anita – program every Sunday 10:00am- 12pm. More info at

Sermons Available Online: If you missed a Sunday, were ​downstairs at Sunday School, or just want to hear a sermon again, JLP Intern, ​Danielle Walker, maintains and updates our ​online audio archive​ where you can listen to or download past sermons. Click HERE to listen, and please share. ​Thank you, Danielle!

May 29- last eve of Gospel of Luke book study 7-8 pm
June 2- Congregational Meeting- 12 N
June 5- Shaping a Green New Deal-
An Intergenerational Discussion- 7 pm


Sunday, June 2, 2019:  Congregational Meeting @ 12 Noon coffee hour
Seventh Sunday of Easter

Rev. Rich Gamble, preaching
Rev. Lauren Cannon
Pastor Yuki Schwartz
Reader- Jo
Usher- Lisa
Coffee- Charles
Children's Ministry- Anita

Nonviolence class w JLP: Lauren

@ Keystone:

May 29- last eve of Gospel of Luke book study 7-8 pm
June 2- Congregational Meeting- 12 N
June 5- Shaping a Green New Deal-
An Intergenerational Discussion- 7 pm

GREEN NEW DEAL DISCUSSION:  was during Coffee Hour on Sunday, May 19, thank you Jim Little for leading a discussion of the Green New Deal.  It is not a one moment thing.  The GND is a non-binding resolution introduced in the U.S. House and Senate declaring that we have a global climate emergency.  It proposes that we spend the next two years developing specific legislation to address our climate emergency and then devote the next decade launching a WW2-style climate mobilization to begin to tackle this climate crisis.  Here's a link to a draft slideshow. 

And Connie & Rich Voget offered us immediate ways to engage helping to protect Bristol Bay- see below- we can make an impact when everyone can please take a minute!

KEYSTONE CONGREGATIONAL MEETING:  It's that time of year again! Join us Sunday, June 2as we gather at coffee hour for our annual congregational meeting. At this meeting, we'll take care of some annual business items, including voting on the distribution of funds from Festival of Hope, and electing (or re-electing) our church officers.  All present will be granted voice and vote as 'members', in our inclusive celebration of our community, made up by all who show up!
Upcoming Events 

Wednesdays, May 8, 25, 22, 29 – Bible Book Study
“The Story Luke Tells; Luke’s Unique Witness to the Gospel” by Justo Gonzalez
@ Keystone UCC

Sunday, June 2 – Keystone Annual Congregational Meeting
@ Keystone UCC
After Service

Wednesday June 5- Shaping a Green New Deal- an Intergenerational Discussion
7 pm
@ Keystone
see Communities Rising website

Sunday, June 9 – JLP Intern Danielle Walker preaching
@ Keystone UCC

Sunday, June 30 – Seattle Pride Parade
Contact Rev. Lauren if you'd like to attend and represent Keystone
@ 4th& Union (starting location)
** See below for details on these and other events related to life in our community **

Celebrating Life's Milestones, we pray with one another, in joy, in loss, in challenge, and in victory.
This week:  Walking and Praying with One Another in Community.

-Dorothy, Sarah and Suzi Richey- in the loss of daughter/sister Linda.

-Eliza and Levi - 15 year wedding anniversary!

-Our Keystone students as they finish their school years!

-Dick & Pat heading out May 28 for travels to be with many friends and family for next several weeks.  Stan & Mary returning.  Gus & Marilyn returning.

-Ready to support Arlene Hobson:

Arlene shares, "Many of you don't know this yet, but I have been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. I know the symptoms well because my dad also had it. At first I was scared and some days I still am. But with the help of the APDA I have become connected with others and have learned to just breathe and keep on "keepin' on" to use a phrase from my younger days.

So Keystone friends,
On June 2nd I will be on a fundraising walk for the American Parkinson's Disease Association. I would appreciate it if you could support me with your prayers and if you find it in your budget, please go to my "page" and donate.

  1. The funds raised by the Optimism Walk provide vital support groups, trainings, educational symposiums, outreach, materials, community grants, exercise classes, direct services like Ride Repay and Caregivers Day Off, and fully fund the Washington State Parkinson’s Disease Registry and ground-breaking research.
    The funds you raise are critical to their success and their ability to continue to serve the local Parkinson’s community.
    Here's my link:

Mothers Day weekend at Ground Zero:
“When We Resist Trident, We Deploy Love”

We got to spend the day May 11 with international peacemaker Kathy Kelly (whom Rev. Lauren and Rev. Rich have worked, lived and traveled with amidst "Voices for Creative Nonviolence.") and friends,  honoring Mothers Day (For Peace) at Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action. We took a legal training, heard the inspiring thinking of Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, who gave the keynote address.  On the further invention of non-violence.  How to build our courage, wisdom, and love.  We especially looked with Kathy at what can be learned from people in Yemen about what we have done.  And from the Afghan youth that she has been working with these last several years.  "Courage is the ability to thwart our fears."  And we caught courage from one another.  Then we prepared to Deploy Love amidst a Permanent Warfare State.  We held an annual vigil and nonviolent direct action at the Bangor Trident nuclear submarine/weapons base.

Kathy has traveled to war zones and lived alongside ordinary people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Bosnia and Nicaragua. She and her companions in Voices for Creative Nonviolence believe the U.S. should end all U.S. military and economic warfare and pay reparations for suffering already caused by U.S. wars.

View Full Event Description Here:

If you couldn't go, you can sign the petition in support of activists we know who are facing potentially huge prison sentences for their witness.  Trident.

Native and Non-Native Fishers Battle Big Money to Protect Bristol Bay

From Keystone Member, Connie Voget:
On April 25, I attended a Town Hall at the University of Washington to learn more about an issue I have been following for many years - a proposal to build a mine that scientists say presents an unacceptable risk to Bristol Bay, Alaska (please see overview, below). At this Town Hall, Native and non-Native fisher folk appealed to attendees to help. They are up against big money and have to rely on people-power to defend their livelihoods, their values and the Bristol Bay ecosystem that they cherish and whose bounty serves not only their community, but the world. I signed a prepared letter that this group will submit to the Army Corps of Engineers. I also took additional copies to circulate. As a member of the Keystone Green Team, I would like to offer these letters to the Keystone community on Sunday, May 19. I will then mail our signed letters to volunteers in Alaska to submit.  
Don't allow a mine in an Alaskan salmon stronghold

The Pebble Mine could become one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world – right in the headwaters of the greatest wild salmon stronghold we have left on Earth. Up to 60 million sockeye salmon migrate home to Bristol Bay each year, driving a $1.5 billion fishery, feeding local communities and sustaining a healthy wild ecosystem complete with grizzly bears and orca whales.

The EPA moved to protect Bristol Bay five years ago, but Pebble – a Canadian mining company – sued to stop protections and now has revived the mine with the help of the Trump Administration. The Administration is fast tracking the mine and has just released a draft environmental impact statement that scientists and former agency officials are calling the worst they’ve ever seen. We need your help to halt this shoddy permitting process and send Pebble back to the drawing board.

More information on the threat to Bristol Bay:

The peril of mining the pristine headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay

Businesses for Bristol Bay issue a plea from Seattle: suspend permitting on Pebble Mine

Seattle City Council asks feds to stop permitting on copper mine in Alaska

Please see Connie on Sunday, May 19, to sign a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, and thank you, Connie, for helping Keystone speak up on this important matter!

Farmers Market & Book Study
Gospel of Luke
This May, join us for a Bible Study of the Gospel of Luke, combined with some pre-meeting outdoor fun at our local Farmers Market, Wednesdays in May, 7-8pm at Keystone.

We'll gather to study “The Story Luke Tells; Luke’s Unique Witness to the Gospel” by Justo Gonzalez. This year, the world church lectionary (Year C) offers us a portion of the Gospel of Luke almost every Sunday until November.

Purchase your own copy or pick up one at church office.

Wednesday, May 8
On May 8 we had a lively, quick hour for our first-of-four evenings of Book Study, down in Battson Hall. The lectionary assigns stories from the Gospel of Luke all through 2019 into November, so our Keystone worship will be rich with Luke!  Come explore how Luke/Acts attends to the most marginalized, and offers us a kind of hopeful salvation, amidst our current times of urgency & struggle. Come anytime- books are still available in the office!

Wednesday, May 15
Ch. 3- Luke and the Great Reversal
Ch. 4- Luke and Gender

Wednesday, May 22
Ch. 5- Luke and Salvation
Ch. 6- Food and Drink in Luke’s Theology

Wednesday, May 29
Ch. 7- Luke and Worship
Ch. 8- Luke and Holy Spirit & Conclusion: Luke’s Open Invitation

And meet up beforehand at the Wallingford Farmers Market (just across 50th St. at the Meridian Park), as you are able! Contact Pastor Lauren for more information:


Keystone Preacher, Vacation & Sabbatical Schedule

May 5: Lauren preaching
May 12: Rich preaching
May 19: Rich preaching; Discussion Green New Deal
May 26: Yuki preaching; New members join
June 2- Rich preaching; Annual Congregational Meeting
June 7-28: Rich vacation Alaska
June 9: JLP intern Danielle Walker preaching
June 16: Yuki preaching
June 23: Lauren preaching
June 30: Rich preaching
July 1-19: Lauren takes her 5 weeks sabbatical time away, plus vacation.  And as she will have a regularly-scheduled day off on Sunday June 30, we will wish her well on Sunday June 23.

Other Important Dates

July 14: Closing our JLP year with Danielle
July 21: JLP year-end celebration.
July 28: Last Sunday for JLP interns at their UCC churches.

Please join FAN for our:

Puget Sound Spring Summit

June 23, 2-4 PM
Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

1245 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
Join people in your area to share opportunities for advocacy and strategize for the upcoming year. Areas of focus include economic justice, housing and homelessness, healthcare, immigration, criminal justice, the environment, and more.

The event is free, but please register here so we know how many to expect.

You are FAN’s best ambassadors! Please download and share this flyer in your faith community, weekly bulletins, at your workplace, with neighbors, and anywhere you meet people who care about social justice in your area. This is the time of year we look forward to hearing your concerns and ideas!

The FAN Staff


Rev. Lauren Cannon - 5/7
Michelle Hebner - 5/5
Dan Smith - 5/9
Sandie Schumacher - 5/14
Barbara Anderson - 5/17
Aaron Crosetto - 5/21


Here's wishing each of them the happiest of birthdays, from all of us at Keystone UCC!
Keep an eye out here for upcoming Keystone Birthdays!

Reaching Keystone UCC Pastoral Staff & JLP Interns:

Reach us at your Keystone church office: (206) 632-6021.  This phone is also checked remotely since all staff and interns serve part-time.

Pastor Rich is available Tuesday to Thursday mornings and Friday evenings, and holds additional office times on Saturdays and Sundays.  (Monday is Sabbath.)  Not all of these times will Rich be in the church office. If you want to see him, it is best to make an appointment. Email him at

Pastor Lauren is available Monday-Friday mornings (and during evening classes) and Sundays (Sabbath = Saturdays). Email to make a meeting time:

Pastor Yuki is at church two Sundays a month and is available to meet by appointment. Email her at
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