Wednesday, January 18, 2012

class is cancelled

The book study, The Soul of Money, is cancelled this evening due to weather conditions. Please read chapter 6 and 7 for next time to stay on schedule.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Keystone UCC Again Steps Out in Faith

On New Year’s Day, Keystone United Church of Christ took a leap of faith. Last year, Pastor Rich went to Tucson to meet with those who are putting together a United Church of Christ volunteer program for young people interested in investing a year to do God’s work in the community (much like the Jesuit or Lutheran volunteers). As this is a new program for the UCC, it has the flexibility to allow a congregation to shape and promote the program.

As envisioned by the UCC, this program offers the volunteer about a year of housing, healthcare and a small stipend. Those costs are covered at the local level. The national UCC will help find and screen volunteers and would help to obtain low cost healthcare. Usually most of the costs are covered by the agency that takes on the volunteer; but ultimately the congregation would be responsible for the costs.

Keystone has a wonderful legacy of commitment to social justice and an amazing willingness to try new things and to take on the challenges of being a leader. On Sunday, the congregation voted in support of this worthwhile endeavor, making it the first UCC in the Pacific Northwest to do so, providing an opportunity for young people to live simply, to live in community, and to serve others. Fortunately, another local church, All Pilgrims Christian in Seattle, offered use of a two-bedroom apartment, which will help greatly in the area of housing. These opportunities can be profound experiences for those who participate, and Keystone is looking forward to the experience, and to working with others like All Pilgrims as we move forward.