Sunday, September 1, 2019

We're Ready to Celebrate with Yuki: Ordination September 8 at 5 pm!

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Sunday, September 1, 2019
Rev. Rich Gamble, preaching
with Rev. Lauren Cannon.  (Pastor Yuki Schwartz, off)

Theme: Humility
Scripture: Luke 14: 1, 7-14
Music Leader: Elliot Kraber
Accompaniment: Yigit Kolat

Reader: Jo
Usher: John

Coffee Hour: O'Neills
& Barb & John hosting August-birthdays- cake!
Children's Ministry: Anita

Happy Labor Day weekend
and Cheers & Blessings to each of our scholars and teachers
as you get back to school next week!

This Sunday September 1, we will again be enjoying singing some of the worship music that will be part of Yuki's ordination service on September 8- so come on out for a lift of the Spirit!
And we will again hear Lauren's hello (as on Sunday August 25), back from nourishing sabbatical time for she, Mike & Leo, including their trek to Lauren's dear people and home-places along the eastern seaboard from VA, to NH, ME and to MA.   From Lauren (see below)

Families: Pick up Children's Activity pages & crayons & books on the welcome table every week as you come in to worship (two types: younger children & older children.)  Children of any age are always welcome to worship with your family, or to head to  classroom!  Parents/caregivers/siblings, help your child back up to sanctuary for Communion all together.

Children's Ministry with Anita – program every Sunday 9:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. More info at

Sermons Available Online: If you missed a Sunday, were ​downstairs at Sunday School, or just want to hear a sermon again, you can listen to or download past sermons from our audio archive. Click HERE to listen, and please share. ​


Sunday, September 8:  10:30 AM worship
Rev. Lauren Cannon, preaching
with Rev. Rich Gamble, & Pastor Yuki Schwartz

Theme: Discipleship
Scripture: Luke 14: 25-33
Music Leader: Elliot Kraber
Accompaniment: Yigit Kolat

Reader: Dan S.
Usher: Marilyn
Coffee: open
Children's Ministry: Anita
~ ~ ~
September 8:  5 pm
Ordination of Pastor Yuki Schwartz!

All welcome!!  Celebrate, wear red, if you like!
Rev. Rich preaching.
Music with Janet Stecher, Elliot Kraber & Yigit Kolat.
Honored guests from Chicago, Bremmerton, and Pacific Northwest.
Reception in Battson Hall following worship- thank you everyone for helping extend our warm welcome, to host!
See below!
Our youngest Keystone member!!

We rejoice and welcome you
Lance Apollo Townsdin, born July 17!!!  
Thank you - Pastor Lauren has Returned from Sabbatical 

"Thank you thank you beloved, for supporting a kind of a 'once in a lifetime' travel adventure for my family:  Mike was also on sabbatical July and August (one more month coming in December for him); and Leo was off school.  So we could go east to share precious time with Leo's grandparents and cousins, who cant travel as readily.  It was a rich and joyful time for us of deeply connecting with my root places, people and earth... lots of swimming and visiting and star filled night skies.

We all surely dream for a chance to occasionally step away from the daily rhythms of a call, to think & read and recalibrate.  And you helped offer me a time for rest and renewal; I am so grateful and excited about our ministries ahead this fall.  Rich, Yuki, & I are at work on plans to gather in study, meal sharing, as we do more stepping out in ways we are called to act, both with neighbors, and wider.

As I have been reconnecting with you over my return, it has been a delight to hear of how many of you took the chance to bravely test a new skill or take up a new effort, and help out while I was gone.  We are all especially grateful to Yuki and Rich for so many ways they stretched.  And we plan to keep inviting folks to try new things, as Rich takes his sabbatical October 1- November 5!

Here are a couple glimpses of the wonderful life that I am hearing was bursting out around here, right when people claim its a summer slow down.  And much more!

Barb preaching!
You celebrating the end of Danielle's year (whom I got to wish well on her way to airport 8/27!)
Margaret extending Danielle her place to live for a patch!
Michelle & Christian & Ali's new joy: little Lance arrived in great love!!
Monica (and all Jim's support) hosting Mom's Demand Action film & meeting!
Looking at roof colors as our latest detail in all the roof planning with John, Christian and Rich, as our solar project continues forward!
Dan S. getting his voice out at city hall on Green New Deal!
Connie and Rich V. testifying at hearings from Olympia to Tacoma to downtown Seattle, as our Green Team voices are ever needed!

And now we are in great excited prep for September 8.  We are ready to celebrate with Yuki!  Thank you for preparing our great hospitality to welcome many dear ones who have supported her call to ministry over these last years!  We have so much to come!  Blessings abound!
With deepest gratitude,
Upcoming Events
Every Tuesday through September 3 – Close the Camps Vigil
@ Seattle ICE headquarters
(1000 2nd Avenue, on the corner of 2nd and Spring in downtown Seattle)
Vigil lasts from noon to 2 p.m.; planning meeting begins at 2:15 p.m.
Friday, September 6 – Wallingford Meaningful Movies: The Human Element
@ Keystone UCC
Doors Open at 6:30 p.m., movie starts at 7 p.m.

Sunday, September 8 – Ordination of Pastor Yuki Schwartz
@ Keystone UCC
Service begins at 5 p.m. All are invited to wear red to celebrate this day. A reception will follow.

Monday, September 9 – Deadline to comment on Proposed Tacoma LNG Project
Click here to submit a comment on Puget Sound Energy's plan to build a liquefied natural gas plant on the Tacoma Tide Flats.

Friday, September 20 – Youth Climate Strike Rally
@ Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave.
Rally begins at noon.

Monday, September 23 – Deadline to comment on federal proposal to end SNAP benefits for 3 million people
Click here to submit a comment on the US government's proposal to reformulate the federal poverty level that would end SNAP benefits to working families, children, and senior citizens.
** See below for details on these and other events related to life in our community **

Advocate for Your Neighbors

Speak up for Treaty Rights and Clean Air  Puget Sound Energy is planning to build a liquefied natural gas plant on the Tacoma Tideflats, which is adjacent to Puyallup Tribal land and waters. The plant would store and distribute fracked gas in an operation that would affect the people being held at the NW Immigrant Detention Center, as well as homes and neighborhoods in the surrounding area. Puyallup Water Warriors have been praying and fasting to protest the plant. You can join them in their resistance by submitting a comment on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, and also by speaking out to your neighbors and contacts on social media, using the hashtags #Pray4LifeGivers and #NoLNG253. You can also watch Earth Ministry's Web site for more action ideas and for more information. Comment deadline is September 9. 

Federal: SNAP Rule Changes  The Trump administration is working to end SNAP benefits for three million people by restricting eligibility for people earning over 130% of the federal poverty level and preventing states from automatically enrolling residents who receive other benefits. As with other proposed rule changes, we have 60 days to provide comments against this proposal, and each comment must be unique. You can submit a comment at, indicating how this policy would cause more hunger in our communities, especially for working families, children, and senior citizens. Deadline for comments is September 23. is organizing regular vigils at the Seattle ICE office and sending delegations to senators' offices to demand that the US close the migrant and refugee camps on the México-US border, and reunite the families torn apart by US policies. The vigils will take placeevery Tuesday through September 3, from noon to 2 p.m. at the downtown ICE office, 1000 2nd Avenue, on the corner of 2nd and Spring. Participants are invited to take part in planning meetings at 2:15 p.m. to help support and grow the vigil, as well as plan future direct actions. Go to for updates, and add your presence and your voice to demand that our elected officials close these camps. 

Film: The Human Element

(1 hour, 18 minutes; Mathew Testa, 2018)
Friday, September 6; Doors open at 6:30 p.m.; movie starts at  7 p.m.

@ Keystone UCC (downstairs in Battson Hall)

Earth, Air, Water, Fire: The mythical elements of nature are seen interacting with the Human element in this film. Photographer James Balog focuses his lens on the complex relationship between humans and nature and challenges us to contemplate our place in, and responsibility to, the natural world.
“The Human Element” features subjects who are often overlooked victims of climate change. Balog visits Tangier Island, a fishing community facing the imminent reality of sea level rise threatening their future. We meet Yadira Sanchez and her three children in Denver, all of whom suffer from asthma and attend a special school for children struggling with air. Balog embeds with a Cal Fire strike team on the front lines of the most expensive wildfire in California history. He ventures into Kentucky coal country, meeting unemployed miners finding hope from a new source. Balog argues that humans are part of the whole system of nature and not apart from it. Knowing this, he finds great hope that the fifth element, the human element, can bring the whole system back into balance.
The photography in this film is visually stunning, the human elements are feelingly brought forward, and the issue is the compelling current existential issue of our planet.
Official trailer
** All events are Open to the Public. Admission is by Donation **

We help communities organize, educate, advocate & build community around social justice documentary film and conversation.

Save the Date: Pastor Yuki's Ordination is Sept. 8

The day is soon coming!  Join Yuki in celebrating her ordination to ministry in the United Church of Christ! The service will be at 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8, here at Keystone, followed by a reception of cake, snacks, and coffee. Yuki is inviting everyone attending to wear red as a sign of the Spirit's presence among us on this day!
Thursday September 5 @ Noon
Barb Anderson is one of Keystone's Faith Action Network (FAN) reps...  & we would like to invite Keystone folks to attend this webinar- from wherever convenient for you!

With El Centro de la Raza and the Anti-Defamation League, FAN is hosting a Sensitive Location Webinar on Thursday, September 5th, at noon.  Spend your lunchtime with FAN as we talk about how places of worship are sensitive locations and can protect immigrants.  To register go to and click on Get Involved and then click on News.  This webinar is on this page with a direct click to register and get involved and speak up.
Thank you, all!  ~ Barb

Week of Climate Action Starts Sept. 20

Young climate activists around the world have been walking out of their schools to protest global inaction on climate change and organizing for change in their neighborhoods. On September 20, you can join them for week of strikes and actions, which kick off in Seattle with a Youth Climate Strike Rally at noon at City Hall, 600 4th Ave. has a list of ways that you can support them. They've also published a free Climate Resistance Handbook that has more ideas on ways you can organize for climate action.  

Important Dates
September 6: Meaningful Movies Wallingford: The Human Element
September 8: Pastor Yuki's ordination
September 20: Week of climate action begins
October 1 - November 5: Rev. Rich's sabbatical
October 18-19: PNW Conference Fall Gathering

Monthly get togethers to share food, strengthen our spirits, deepen our faith in study:  Wednesday/Saturday early evenings- faith activities for children and youth: family-design!
-- Chat more with Pastor Lauren

Save the Dates: for Festival of Hope:  November 23 & 24!


Levi Penick - 8/23
Jim Little - 8/26

Grant Davis - 8/27

Steve Bauck - 8/28
Elliot Kraber - 8/29

Here's wishing each of them the happiest of birthdays, from all of us at Keystone UCC!
Keep an eye out here for upcoming Keystone Birthdays!

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