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This week at Keystone UCC- November 18- see Festival photos

pastedGraphic.pdfNovember 18, 2012
Greetings Friends of Keystone United Church of Christ
5019 Keystone Place North
Seattle, WA 98103
KEY Connections   _  _  _  _  “We as Keystone commit to share the alternative vision of what the world can be...” 

Come- see how we love!  Worship every Sunday at 10:30 A.M.

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Learn what our United Church of Christ Justice Interns are up to:

See you at the Festival!  Blessings,
Lauren Cannon
Associate Pastor

Check out the pictures Lauren has posted from our weekend of Festival of Hope at Keystone UCC page!!!

Go to:

There you can ‘like’, ‘tag’, and ‘share’ and spread the good news.  We have a Saturday album and a Sunday album up.  Feel free to send Lauren other photos you’d like added. 

A heartfelt thank you to each and everyone!  Even our preliminary count so far, as we close up today, is showing we raised over $10,000 for anti-poverty work at this 34th Annual Festival of Hope!  More details to come.

Worship Sunday November 25, at 10:30 AM:

Take a look in advance at our scripture texts:  
Gospel of Mark: 13: 1-8
Greeter:  Barbara A.
Reader:  Gloria B.
Usher:  Jo W.
Preacher:  Rich G.
Music:  Elliot K. and Kate F.
Coffee Hour:  We will need someone today- leave a message at the office, if you can help.  (Remember -it need not be elaborate!   Just some fruit or simple snack to share- is perfect! ) To take a turn - sign your name at the clipboard by the coffee pot. 
Book Study: Tuesday nights: new book begins November 27:
We will be reading Richard Rohr’s “The Naked Now” on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm (supper on your own- no potluck before.)  This will give us the opportunity to participate in the Wednesday evening class units and potlucks throughout the year, with the justice leaders course with interns, members, and friends.  
All welcome!  When we have a solid count on books, Joyce and Scott Hedges will order:  contact with your interest:

This week:
No Justice Leaders class of potluck-- enjoy the holiday.

Lauren’s Maternity leave:
Lauren will be on leave from us at Keystone Church, and from leading the UCC Young Adult Service Community, approximately December 1 - February 15.  

Thank you for all the ways everyone is stepping up:
We celebrate the spirit of discipleship we see popping up everywhere, with our recent staff transitions.  Thank you all who have already been so willing to identify ways you are led to help out.

For pastoral care concerns, contact Pastor Lauren and Rev. Rich (206-632-6021.)  For buildings and facilities, contact Rev. Rich.

For weekly Newsletter submissions:
November- Lauren  (goes out each Sunday afternoon)
December- Rich
January- Rich
February- Rich
March- Lauren
April- Lauren

Needed for our intern apartment:
Folks to come assemble some pre-made desks from IKEA...
Contact Pastor Lauren:

Next unit of Justice Leadership Class -  Wednesday nights Christian education & formation at Keystone, 2012 to 2013: begins November 28.  Three weeks.  Ending December 5.  Come check it out!  Then, we break for winter, and resume mid February.  

Potluck is 6:30 pm.  Class is 7-8:30 pm.  Downstairs in Battson Hall.  All welcome- with our UCC Young Adult Service Community (YASC) interns, members and friends from other UCC churches.  

Key Dates:

November 21:  No Justice Leadership Class with YASC (break for Thanksgiving.)

November 28: Second unit Justice Leaders class begins.  6:30 pm potluck.  7- 8:30 pm class.  Tonight, hear about the different aims of community organizing, and doing advocacy.  Come hear hear inspired stories of faith-based coalition building work.

December 5:  Justice Leaders Class, 6:30 pm potluck, 7-8:30 pm class.  Come hear from dynamic teacher, writer, & advocate Nancy Amidei, formerly of the University of Washington, School for Social Work, on ‘Why We Advocate!’   (see below)

December 6:  Holden Evening Prayer 7:00 in the sanctuary.

December 10:  Human Rights Day action to support fair jobs for Port Workers- save the date.

December 11:  Holden Evening Prayer 7:00 in the sanctuary.

December 12:  Justice Leaders Class, 6:30 pm potluck, 7-8:30 pm class.  Come for this  hands on “Advocacy 101 Training” from dynamic teacher, writer, & advocate Nancy Amidei, formerly of the University of Washington, School for Social Work!  (see below)

December 19:  No Justice Leaders class (break for Christmas.)

December 20:  Holden Evening Prayer 7:00 in the sanctuary.

December 24:  Christmas Eve Service 7:00.

December 26:  No Justice Leaders class (break for Christmas.)  
Class resumes Wednesday February 20.  Wednesday February 13 attend Ash Wednesday services, for the beginning of our season of Lent. 


Bible Study Resources:
The weekly Bible Study is taking a pause this winter, and looking to resume in spring.  Check out these weekly on line resources to support your own devotional study or personal routines.  Each follows the lectionary texts that inform our worship each week. 

You can sign up to receive a daily devotional from our UCC writers group- to get a dose of centering in your in-box.

Seasons of the Spirit:

go to:

"Spirit Sightings" each week:

“Spirit Sightings” are intended to lift up international news stories and current events, linking these to the lectionary passages for each Sunday.
Adults, clergy, and adult Bible study leaders might visit this section of the website each week to enrich Bible study, for personal reflection...

Coal Export:  you can help prevent coal trains blowing through our region: come testify; and come write a letter:
Thank you to everyone who signed postcards at the Festival of Hope with Rich V. and Gus W. to make your concerns known about potential impacts of coal export.  Rich V. will be bringing dozens and dozens of thoughtful messages to Earth Ministry-- adding to voices calling for the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct detailed environmental impact study before decisions can be made about coal trains.

Letters to the editor are also needed regarding the proposed export trains through our state.  On November 8, our member Rich Voget attended a faith leaders’ breakfast with our greening congregations partner, Earth Ministry, to ready to testify at a coal export hearing which was to be November 13 (see  or contact: Rich Voget:

In the last few weeks, over 3,000 people turned out to hearings in their communities to oppose Big Coal's plan to put a dirty coal export terminal at Cherry Point.
The movement is growing large.  The Army Corps of Engineers has postponed Seattle's Cherry Point Hearing until December 13 so that it can be moved to a venue with more space -- the Washington State Convention Center!
WHO: Friends, Family, Neighbors, the Sierra Club, Earth Ministry, and YOU!
WHAT: Coal Exports Public Hearing 
WHEN: Thursday, December 13, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
WHERE: Washington State Convention Center, Ballroom 6F, 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA 98101 (Map)
Questions: Contact Robin Everett, who spoke at our Meaningful Movies this summer on this:
And Jessie Dye:
Come join with hundreds of people of faith.  Wear RED to show how we have been called forth in spirit to protect Washington's clean air, water, and way of life.
Make Every Job a Good Job at SeaTac Airport:
Join people of faith on December 10 to mark Human Rights Day: in a witness to support workers at Seatac and the Port of Seattle.  Details coming.  Keystone community is invited to also continually learn more from workers on each third Thursday of the month- for lunch meeting with interfaith group, walking alongside workers in this struggle for good jobs that pay more than $9 and hour.  Contact Lauren Cannon:

Meaningful Movies:
“How to Boil a Frog” -Come spend that tradition, and highest movie attendance day in the US- and head to a film- at Keystone UCC on Friday November 23 at 7 pm.  Family friendly post Thanksgiving film. 

Justice Leaders Class:  Nancy Amidei coming to teach December 5 and 12 at Keystone:
Here is more to help us learn about Nancy Amidei, who is coming to teach:

From 1992-2008, Nancy Amidei was on the faculty of the University of Washington School of Social Work.  

Today she continues to direct the Civic Engagement Project, which works with non-profit organizations throughout the country.  CEP offers advocacy training, speeches, workshops, and resource materials, for work at federal, state, or local levels.

A writer, teacher, and advocate, Ms. Amidei has been involved in social policy from both inside and outside government.  She is a former Director of the Food Research and Action Center (a national anti-hunger group).  She also served in the Carter Administration as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the federal Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (now DHHS), and in the early 70’s she was on the Staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs.  For many years she wrote a weekly email bulletin that described the Washington State legislative process.  Focused chiefly on health, human services, and civil rights issues, POLICY WATCH helped readers understand what happens as a legislative Session unfolds.

Among her writings are:   a guide to policy advocacy called, “So You Want To Make A Difference;”  and a Play called, “How Ms. Bill Became A Law.”  

During the 1980s she wrote a weekly column that appeared in newspapers around the country, and did commentaries for National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.”  

Activities include co-authorship of a Legislative Simulation, co-authorship of a curriculum for an annual 3-day Advocacy Camp, and service on a variety of national and local non-profit agency boards. 

Nancy teaches at our Wednesday night class at Keystone on December 5 and 12, 2012.

Next Newsletter submissions can be sent to:
by Sunday November 25.

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