Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Full

When people ask me to tell them about Keystone I typically say, "Keystone's full. Full of ideas, overflowing with blessings, and rich with joy." That has been my experience of this community over the last six months. It is a time I have truly enjoyed.

Recently, there has been some significant news in my life. Not long ago I was offered the position of Director of Family, Youth, & Children Ministries at Plymouth UCC. I feel great excitement about stepping into this newly created position. Yet even more than the sense of excitement, I am filled with gratitude.

Keystone has been such a healing, nurturing, and forming place for myself and Janelle. Over the past several months Keystone has given my creativity space to roam free, inspiration to try new projects (the Keystone website is the first website I have ever made), an opportunity to work on timely justice issues (like tax reform in WA state) and throughout it all Keystone has been a loving, supportive community. The gifts Keystone has given me over the past several months will accompany me into every ministry of which I am a part. No matter where I am I will keep my eye on Keystone, watching for the next bold steps of faith the community takes.

This Sunday I look forward to celebrating with you the great amount of life and blessings we filled the last 6 months with.

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